The UBORA consortium consists of 5 EU partners and 2 African institutes.

Four EU partners are from well-established universities, known either for their involvement in international capacity building programmes and networking, and/or for their technical expertise. Their complementarity is in the different expert areas of BME.

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University of Pisa is skilled in multidisciplinary research, manufacturing technology and has pushed BME in Africa through its patronage of ABEC. Universitad Politecnica de Madrid brings its experience with CDIO, University of Tartu brings its competency in advanced materials for biomedical use and the Royal Institute of Technology KTH its extensive network of partners and deep knowledge of telemedicine in developing countries. The last EU partner is AgileWorks, an SME dedicated to providing smart software solutions using agile methodology and best practices.

Both African institutions are members of ABEC. Kenyatta University is a well-respected university which has spearheaded BME in Kenya. It also has the advantage of representing the  ABEC institutions as the consortium’s headquarters. The second African institution is the Uganda Industrial Research Institute, a leading research institution in Uganda with the necessary infrastructure for fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing of industries through research and development, technology transfer and development as well as business incubation and capacity building.

Together, the consortium forms a balanced but committed team with shared values and goals. Their joint efforts are crucial for UBORA’ s success and sustainability.