Royal Institute of Technology

The School of Technology and Health (STH)-KTH is one of the nine Schools that constitute KTH. STH is one of the biggest Schools within KTH in the area of undergraduate education, and is the main centre for Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering programs at KTH. The School is located in the south part of the Stockholm area with two education campuses situated in Haninge and Flemingsberg. The number of undergraduate students is around 1,500, and the number of employees is about 130. The profile of STH is technology across the borders of engineering and medicine in a broad sense, including technical research of importance to medical applications and health care in its widest meaning.

Apart from undergraduate programs STH offers research and postgraduate studies in its own research topic, which is called Technology and Health. Today the schools have eight research departments and two research centres within the subject. The school closely cooperates with Karolinska Medical University ( and Swedish Red Cross University College. The school also has a Center for Technology in Medicine and Health, CTMH that conducts programme of the strategic innovation programme MedTech 4 Health, which has been granted several million Euro funding from Vinnova for future calls within medical engineering.

The strength of STH lies in its natural contact surface with healthcare, Karolinska Institutet and medical research. As a result of the new building which is being constructed, will allow to be in a campus area where everything is integrated. Then we will have taken a step towards an infrastructure which makes it very favourable to establish these connections. Our long-term goal is to develop better diagnostic methods for healthcare which shall be available to more patients. With more advanced technical solutions and methods it shall be easier for doctors to make a diagnosis, even for doctors without a long experience in the field.