UBORA Design School 2018

The UBORA Design School 2018 was held at University of Pisa (Pisa – Italy) from 3rd to 7th September 2018.

Design School format

Students will go through the design process of medical devices compliant to relevant standards, by attending specific classes, workshops and lectures from outstanding speakers. Grouped in teams under the guidance of expert mentors, they will prototype a medical device assigned as a challenge at the beginning of the school.

Program at glance


Classes are intended to present the various steps for designing a medical device compliant to relevant standards according to UBORA’s objectives.

Day 1CDIO Methodologies for Medical DevicesAndrés Diaz Lantada
Day 2Standards and regulations on Medical DevicesAlice Ravizza
Day 3Mass personalization of medical devicesAndrés Diaz Lantada, Carmelo De Maria
Day 4Usability of medical devicesAlice Ravizza


Workshops are intended to give practical examples on specific topics that can be used by participants for their projects.

Day 1Creative promotion in medical device projects

Andrés Diaz Lantada, Juan Manuel Muñoz Guijosa
Day 1Promotion of personal skills for project and team management Luis Ignacio Ballestros Sánchez
Day 1Electronic Simulation of the Signal Acquisition Process Philippa Makobore
Day 2 morning3D scanning and 3D printingAdrian Martinez Cendrero, Rodrigo Zapata Martínez
Day 2 morningTracking movements June Madete

Day 2 morningImage processing Chiara Magliaro
Day 2 afternoonPhysiological signal acquisition using open source tools Ashwin Whitchurch
Day 3IoT tools for healthcare Alleantia Group
Day 3Open source tools for usability analysis of medical devices Cinzia Bernardeshi
Day 3 eveningA brief (practical) story of the pacemakerMannan Mridha

Keynote presentations

Keynote presentations by outstanding speakers are intended to highlight the role of biomedical engineering in the context of global health and identify future research directions.

DateTopicSpeakerHome Institution
Day 1Open source innovation and entrepreneurship
Ashwin WhitchurchProtoCentral Electronics
Day 2Bioprinting human organs, the next frontier of bioengineering
Prof. Giovanni Vozzi
University of Pisa
Day 3Technology and surgery current challenges and future perspectivesMD, PhD Paolo De SimoneUniversity of Pisa
Day 4Advances in medical imaging

Prof. Luigi Landini
Fondazione Gabriele Monasterio and University of Pisa
Day 5Nanomaterials for breakthrough innovations
Prof. Gianluca Fiori
University of Pisa


Mentors have the role of guiding groups in the design of medical device assigned as challenge during the school

Dawit Assefa Haile
Addis Abeba University
Muhammed Rushdi
Cairo University
Duncan Kamau
Kenyatta University
June Madete
Kenyatta University
Daniel Atwine
Mbarara University of Science and Technology
Edwin KhundiMisr University for Science and Technology
Hekki TerioRoyal Institute of Technology
Mannan Mridha
Royal Institute of Technology
Philippa Makobore
Uganda Industrial Research Institute
Mathew Ocheng
Uganda Industrial Research Institute
Paul Niyitanga
Uganda Industrial Research Institute
Hudson Kagoda
Uganda Industrial Research Institute
Martha Mulerwa
Uganda Industrial Research Institute
Juan Manuel Muñoz GuijosaUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid
Andrés Diaz LantadaUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid
Adrian Martinez CendreroUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid
Luis Ignacio Ballestros SánchezUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid
Rodrigo Zapata MartínezUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid
Akinniyi Adediran OsuntokiUniversity of Lagos
Licia Di PietroUniversity of Pisa
Roberta NossaUniversity of Pisa
Anna LapomardaUniversity of Pisa
Joana CostaUniversity of Pisa
Janno ToropUniversity of Tartu


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