UBORA at the 4th WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices

By | December 18, 2018

The 4th  WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices, held at AMTZ-Kalam Convention Centre in Visakhapatnam (India), was a great opportunity for the over 1000 participants from all over the world to disseminate and share information on medical devices for global health.

In this world-relevant event, the UBORA e-infrastructure was officially presented in a plenary session on Innovation of Medical Devices, challenges to scale up under the invitation of the World Health Organization.

During the forum, the UBORA delegates had the opportunity to hold a dedicated workshop on Open Source Medical Devices: safety and reliability, where the e-infrastructure was used by many participants with a different background (healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, policymakers) and origin (from Asia to America).

As a team, we were also invited to attend to many other workshops, such as Real-world data and evidence for medical devices HTA and 3D printing, AI and design of medical devices for low resource settings where UBORA was recognized as a valuable tool for needs identification and needs-based design. We also prosed UBORA as a possible common basis for fostering harmonization in medical device regulation during the session Steps towards the harmonization of EU-Africa regulations.

Altogether, the Forum was a great opportunity to meet also different experts and possible new collaborations for increasing the access to medical devices.

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