Needs-Based Medical Design

By | May 13, 2019

Brainstorming sessions at University of Pisa

Communication is the basis of problem-solving. For biomedical engineers communicating with doctors, nurses and physicians is essential to understand real issues in healthcare facilities and create increasingly performing devices. On this basis, the “Needs-based medical design – Call for ideas” events have given the opportunity to students of the Master Programme in Biomedical Engineering of University of Pisa to exchange ideas and suggestions for new projects.

The first meeting was held at Cisanello Hospital on March 22nd, with the participation of Dr. Paolo De Simone and his Hepatic Surgery team, Dr. Pugliese, a specialist in Cardiology, and Dr Sani, responsible of Medical Devices Management. More than 30 students and 8 senior engineers actively discussed with the specialists on liver transplantation, heart rate monitoring and orthopaedics.

The second, held on May 10th, was instead focused on dialysis, with the participation of dr. Aldo Casani from the NOA Hospital in Massa.

Other meetings will come in future: stay tuned!