Keynote speech at BIODEVICES 2019

By | March 5, 2019

Prof. Andrés Díaz Lantada featuring UBORA as model for BME Education

Prof. Andrés Díaz Lantada has been invited by the organizing team of the Biodevices 2019 to give a keynote lecture. The topic of the lecture has been “Project Based Learning and Biomedical Devices: The UBORA Approach Towards an International Community of Developers Focused on Open-Source Medical Devices”. In the lecture, Andrés reviewed different approaches to BME education and highlighted the UBORA educational model, in connection with open-source medical devices, as paradigmatic initiative pursuing the transformation of the medical industry and innovation through education.

Interesting discussions and contacts, in connection with the sustainability of the UBORA project and with the expansion of the UBORA community, had been motivated by the presented keynote speech. Future activities for expanding UBORA into Middle East and Central Asia are being analyzed, on the basis of the contacts and synergies established in the Biodevices 2019 Conference. Besides, Andrés Díaz Lantada will be chairing the Doctoral Consortium of the Biodevices 2020 Conference to be held in Malta, in which UBORA devices will be also presented.