European Research Night & Robotic Festival: intense days for the UBORA team in Pisa

By | October 10, 2018

The end of September and beginning of October were intensive dissemination days.

On 28th, students and researchers of UBORA were protagonists of Bright, the Italian edition of the European research night, hosted by the booth of the Research Center E. Piaggio of University of Pisa, in Pisa. it was a nice moment for sensitizing people of the importance of accessibility to save medical devices, and how open source can contribute to this action. 


During the same days, Pisa hosted also the International Robotic Festival 2018, one-week event focused on the applications and the impact of technologies, and robotics in particular, in the human being. Great importance was given medicine (robotic surgery, surgical simulation), and a special session was dedicated to the role of technologies on humanitarian cooperation.

The recently released UBORA e-infrastructure was presented to clinicians, who really appreciated the new “I have a needs” section, which can be the entry point for many of the design process of medical devices.

This conference session was a great opportunity for creating new contacts: Global Health Telemedicine is looking for affordable medical devices for the local point of care, and UBORA is ready for collaborating with them.