University of Pisa

Brief Description

The University of Pisa is a prestigious modern centre of teaching and advanced research. It offers 60 undergraduate and 74 postgraduate degree programmes, in all the main areas of knowledge and advanced, professional education. The University has 28 doctoral programmes; it also offers 68 third cycle specialisation programmes and 88 special short specialisation programmes of further education at the first and second cycle levels, including an MBA. Research and teaching are combined in all fields and levels.

The University has participated in numerous scientific, mobility and capacity building projects. It is actively involved in Erasmus centralised actions and projects including Intensive Programmes, Curriculum Development programmes, Thematic and Academic Networks. The School of Engineering offers a wide range of curricula, including Biomedical Engineering which is its most popular and successful degree course. Most of the research activities in Biomedical Engineering are carried out at Research Center “E.Piaggio”. The Engineering Departments are involved in a continuous activity of technology transfer towards small and medium enterprises, with a turnover of 10M€ annually. Further, a number of international companies outsource research activities to the laboratories hosted by the Engineering Area. The School of Engineering runs more than 40 international research projects, mostly supported by the European Commission (5M€ annually), 5 European networks of excellence including the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) and numerous mobility and placement programmes.