Rodrigo Zapata Martinez

He’s currently a final-year student graduating in Industrial Technologies Engineering, with a speciality in Mechanical Engineering. He plans to complete his studies with the Postgrade Master in Industrial Engineering.

He has been working in the Project Ubora (Biomedical engineering open design platform) for the last year:

  • developing prototypes of prosthesis and splints for different articulations, using CAD software like Siemens NX or Catia V5.
  • experience using Part Design, Assembly Design, Generative Shape Design, DMU Kinematics modules and Reverse engineering.
  • the second place in the first design competition organized by Ubora

In the last months and with his partner Adrián, he is working in the manufacture of low-cost devices. Studying new techniques that allow to expand the range of manufacturing materials and the quality of them, taking into account that it is necessary that both manufacturing methods and devices, meet international standards to ensure safety, quality and performance of medical devices.