June Madete

June Madete is a Biomedical engineer specializing in biomechanics, a researcher and senior lecturer at Kenyatta University with special interest and expertise in collections, analysis and interpretation of gait data using various motion analysis software and hardware. Her previous research involved combination of this technique with animal research in the field of euro science, video fluoroscopy, x-ray and CT data. In 2011-2012 , she did a study that looked at a specific group of patients who underwent total knee replacement, the study aimed at understanding the relationship between surgical accuracy and joint function. Much of her research is intimately linked to Biomechanics of the lower limb. She seeks to develop biomechanics within Kenya through knowledge and skill transfer with students, lectures and scientists across various sets of expertise.

She has served as member on various sub-committee looking into the establishment of various policy’s and standard to be followed at the newly build Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral university hospital. In addition she was part of the local organising committee for the International Conference on Appropriate Technology, committee in charge of developing a dialysis centre at Kenyatta university, and that in charge of developing a state of the art 3-D printing innovation centre for research and training One of Dr Madete ‘s specialities is Motion Capture a topic she became immersed in when she worked as a research associate following graduation. Since then she has trained {students, teachers, lecturers} at Cardiff University, Egerton University (Kenya), Kenyatta University (Kenya), and Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. She previously worked for Egerton University, firstly as a Senior Technologist and then as a Lecturere. Dr. Madete received her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Medical Engineering her Ph.D in the same specialising in Biomechanics, motion capture, imaging studies and patient data collection from the Cardiff University, Wales, United kingdom.